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Smuggle Rings unique jewelery just for men!
Plating available in Gold, Silver and Matte Black



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Poison Apples exclusive Smuggle rings,

Available in 18 carat Gold, Silver and Black "Smuggle ring"  

These exclusive rings are rings for Men's that can be customized.

Each ring comes with a set of 3 faces.

- Gold 18 carat
-Stainless Steel
-Matte Black.(SOLD OUT)

They come with removable faces to match your outfit on every occasion. With Gold, Silver and Gloss black finishes which you can interchange and choose between. 

They are also able to store your most prized possessions. which you will keep close to you with noone able to access it except you! 

Each ring will come with instructions on how to remove and replace ring faces.

Gold Smuggle Rings
80.00 160.00
by Poison Apple

50% off Men's Rings for a limited time only

- Gold 18 carat
- Stainless steel
- Matte black (SOLD OUT)

With removable and replaceable faces the rings are only able to be opened using Poison Apple's release ring (included in every purchase).

With storage for your smallest, most valuable possessions
that only you have access too!